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Calorimetri we are a distributor of hearth products that sells exclusively to speciality retailers. We distribute wood, pellet stoves and fireplaces. We have built a strong partnership with the best dealers in Spain and France to offer through them high-end products from Pacific Energy. For more information about their products please carry on visiting our website or you can contact us or visit your local dealer for more information.

Our Story

Great Houses

Everybody knows of pleasures of having a fireplace at home. Relax to the crackling sound of wood. Shoes off and feet up in front of a glowing warm wood stove with nothing on your mind but relax. A beautiful mellow orange colour lights the room as the pleasure of radiant heat sinks into your body after a long day at work. But some people believe this very special luxury of fire is for everybody, but them. Because it’s not for them because? They are not special. But at Calorimetri we want everybody to feel special.

So we decided to convince them of the opposite. We began to research all the different types of people, families and unique people to understand their wishes on our Calorimetri website. We went to trade fairs and in stores across the country. To understand how certain people love heating their homes and enjoy the winter as profoundly as the summer.

The origins and creation of our name Calorimetri

Calorimetri name
Calorimetri Logo

The process of a name is either short, spontaneous and quick or long, tedious and complex. For us, the latter was the case with nightly wake ups and many the options the ball began to roll with the word Calum and developed from there onwards.


Ca from calor in latin and Lumber in English was our starting point.  Experts in heating solutions using wood lumber was a good start but what is heat? Do we only heat with lumber? Surely this was not our objective


Neutral and surely the original word for heat was actually the word for horse in Greek, sounds like we are not going down the right path


Simple, short word but with no meaning or objective. Pass


We thought the O sounded better that the U…. not really though


Let’s just pick a name surely we are spending too much thought on this if the word heat in Latin is Calor sounds neutral and good enough for the whole of Europe. After a few days, you can imagine that conforming was not what we are about.


Sounded buzzy, Italian, allegro at the end of the day a fire is inspiring, artistic and delightful to watch. But surely we are not only dealing with arts, there must be a technical way to also approach this so we decided to build on this. Beauty with technicality.


Could this be the unit of measure of fire? Afraid not.


Let’s play with this add some letters keeping the artistic part and measurement of heat


Added a letter and felt it was a limping word in creation.


Surely metric is the way to measure results. “Bingo” the measurement of heat should be Calorimetric? We wrong again. Amazing how Google solves so many questions one would be certain to be true if not.


Calorimetry is the science to measure changing states of chemical reactions as well as heat capacity.  Measured using the following formula.

Calorimeti measuirng and art

A complex formula, but with a very simple tool for measuring the value of energy given off or absorbed during a reaction. Hurray, we loved it. Yes, we were concerned with the amount of biomass and efficiency of absorbing heat in a house. A combination of chemical reactions while burning fuel and its energy output. We loved the word but, not wanting to be over scientific we preferred to finish with the more allegro “i” finish. Scientific measurement and enjoyment of heat combined with one word. Two fundamental items and our core value Heating Your Life.


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