Summit wood stove by Pacific Energy heating the family

Pacific Energy Summit in red heating the family

The Pacific Energy Summit in red now available in Europe through our dealers. Read the feedback from a client and queries on his installation on his setup and results.

Family Rosspike 1800sq ft. house

We got our new PACIFIC ENERGY Summit Classic Porcelain Enamel in “Red” (on order). Very nice stove! 2000-3000 sq ft heat. Our house is 1800 sq ft. We burn 2 logs at a time, coldest night has been 18 deg Fahrenheit. “our burn times” have been 8-12 hours up to 14 hours on coal heat. When it gets 50-60 deg we run 1 log about every 8 hours to keep the chill-out. Heats the whole house and does it very well. The pipe is double wall black pipe / SS inside for above the stove first floor, SS pipe second floor + attic + 5′ on the roof.

Rob do you really get long burns on Pacific Energy?

Do you really get that long of burns on your Pacific Energy? Are you able to throw-in whole logs & they burn away? What diameter typically?? Nice porcelain finish – holding up well with stove use? Correct me in I’m wrong, but does your model have the auto-thermostat feature? I’m very interested in this model when we build our house up in the “North Woods”

Rosspike reply

Hi Rob, (to set the stage). Our house is 100+ years old with storm windows and blown ins in the walls and attic, the house has been redone so it not the same 100-year-old house. The logs we burn are normally the better Btu woods. The most wood I have used at one time is 3 split logs but normally it is just 2 at a time. Like I said the coldest we have had so far is 18 deg at night. The logs are what you would think of logs for about 6 hours and then after that, they look like coal logs for the other 4-6 hours. I was very pleased when we ended up getting over 8-hour burns with good heat. Because I thought ” 8 hour burn time, yeah right” so Pacific Energy says but that’s what we have been getting on this stove. We use our full round logs for night burns with a split log (1 round 1 split) and just split logs is the day. I would say our average round logs are 9″ across and 16″ long and there will be nothing but ash after 12 hours if we let it go without a refire. The top steel plate of the stove is 3/8″ thick through our top is under the outside porcelain plate that 3/8″ thick top keep the heat rolling. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but does your model have the auto-thermostat feature?” Yes in the secondary burn chamber there is a spring that opens the fresh air inlet if you run the damper in the stove too low. You can’t go wrong on too low of a draft that you set just as long as you get the wood burning at first for 15-30 min before you close down the damper on the stove the auto spring in the burn chamber takes over if more air is needed. We had a high demand from this stove for the €€ we paid and when we started burning wood in it the stove it was 4 times better than what we expected. ” Nice porcelain finish – holding up well with stove use? ” We have only had the stove for a short time but so far it keeps its shine and cleans up very well. The “Red” colour does get a bit deeper in colour the hotter the stove is and than back to normal when not in use, not much change …… just a little.


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