Can a stove which uses a renewable energy source heat my whole house?

The ability of a stove to heat your home depends on several factors such as the size of your home, the value of your home’s R-value, the location of the stove in your home, the weather in your area, The type and quality of the wood used for the combustion, and the size of the stove you want. Each of our heaters refers to a heating capacity indicated in square meters, this figure is given for a house that is in the middle with a moderate climate. You will have to adjust it up or down depending on your situation. Your dealer will help you in this regard.

Why can smoke come into my room?

  • The quality of the wood: green or wet wood can cause more smoke than the fireplace can evacuate.
  • Air systems such as air conditioning, kitchen or bathroom fans can take in the air required by the fireplace (negative air circulation).
  • Misuse: Always open the primary air control before recharging the heater and slowly open the door.
  • The tubes of the stove and chimney: do not forget that (90º) elbows  and long horizontal tubes reduce the air circulation.
  • Too short a chimney which does not provide enough air circulation in the fire chamber.
  • A cold chimney can prevent air circulation (negative air).
  • A pipe liner must be properly connected to the chimney and the correct size.


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