Guaranted for life

Guaranted for life

Guaranted for life

Your stove is special and we want you to continue to enjoying it forever. All products of Pacific Energy has a guarantee of lifetime limited with the following conditions.

Pacific Energy Guarantee

Pacific Energy extends the following warranty coverage original buyers and registered products of its wood products:


Limited coverage of life extends to the following components (parts only) the finishing of porcelain, glass, gold bathroom, fire-box and AC Combustia³n secondary (deflector) camera.


Pacific Energy undertakes to repair or replace any part that is defective (parts and labor) for five years from the date of purchase. This coverage includes components Ela electrical (such as fans, controls flow and thermal detector).


All installations must be installed according to the specifications of the manual and all applicable local and national codes. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the product is working properly at the time of the installation.


Any part which in our judgement shows evidence of a defect will be repaired, replaced or returned according the decision of Pacific Energy to the defective part can be reclaimed and ask that they returned to Pacific Energy or its accredited Distributor, upon payment of the transportation.!

Porcelain has a guarantee of retention of gloss. Certain colors may darken when heated and returned to their original tone, when it cools

The glass is warranted against breakage thermal.

The coating is guaranteed against stains. The bath of gold can reach a color more dark with use.


The guarantee of by life is limited. Coverage of lifetime is limited to the repair, Sustitucia³n or refund of only the parts indicated below. Labor is not covered by the guarantee n of by life.!

The following articles is not be included in the guarantee of by life: fire-box Rails and the heat shields.!

The following parts is not guaranteed n: refractory bricks, boards and blankets of fiber wax Muscovites.!

This warranty will not be applied to any part that shows evidence of misuse, abuse, improper installation, accident, or lack of maintenance.

Pacific Energy will not be in any way responsible for any damage special, indirect, or responsible for any type of arrangement which are in excess of the original purchase price.

Pacific Energy is not responsible for the installation, operational or environmental conditions that are beyond our control.

The company can to his strictness comply with all obligations of reimbursing the price to the bulk of the defective part.