Our Vision

Calorimetri is different from your usual distributors. We have an internal sales and marketing team whose objective is to continuously add services while building a strong fidelity among our dealers and customers. These are just some of the areas in which we support our manufacturer:

  • Products in stock
  • Quick turnaround and delivery service
  • Continuous training and feedback
  • Collaboration in marketing strategies
  • Dedicated information to end users and dealers of the brand on our network of web sites, social media and videos
  • A dealer website full of useful resources
  • A dedicated team available at all time
  • Marketing support to help with special events, publicity and marketing
  • By providing brand recognition and adding value to the products we distribute
  • Through differentiated support to our dealers
  • A dynamic online network that receives a lot of traffic from end users and dealers
  • With special attention to direct communication with architects, designers and media