What sets Pacific Energy products apart from anything else we have had before is the quality of all its components and ease of operation.


We had installed a DIY low-cost product which the wife hated. The look, design and commodity of operating the product reminded her more of a burning canister than the pleasure of dinner next to the fireplace. After a number of calls and emails with Calorimetri they gave us their expert opinion and provided us with the local dealer and installer for the end product chosen. Many thanks for giving me back a happy wife.

Mary Walsh

I have so much pleasure every winter with Pacifc Energy that I just can´t wait for winter to start again. Every new season brings us great joy at home in the house. Long burns, super real clean glass, a glowing flame which sends us to sleep on the couch and yumpshiss food at lunch time cooked on the stove. Have recommended many clients and looking forward to installing a Lotus oven stove soon in a newly refurbished vacation home.


When you have a partner who helps, assists and serves then you know you are working with the right people. Calorimetri has helped us offer products which differentiate us and keep us fresh.


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